Review: Plastic Taste by Joji


Joji is one of many stage names of George Miller, most well known for video projects on YouTube, but also a talented musician and producer who has worked on multiple projects. The last year has seen the revealing of snippets of what is to be the Chloe Burbank Vol 1 mixtape on SoundCloud, the most recent being a 2 minute track called Plastic Taste that was released July 29th.

Plastic Taste proves to be an extremely atmospheric song overall, despite being quite simple and driven by piano and vocals over a minimalist drum beat. Whether intentionally or unintentionally, the combination of clanky, harsh piano chords and background vocalizations create an unsettling, abandoned-church-like ominous feeling to an otherwise relaxed, possibly bittersweet track. The lyrics are also pretty stripped down and minimalist, but what Joji lacks in lyrical complexity, he makes up for in emotional delivery. As with a good number of his jams, Plastic Taste is fairly short, and while it packs an emotional punch in a short space and feels like a complete work on its own, leaves you wondering where the rest of the track is (and hoping for more, admittedly).

Overall: Plastic Taste makes me feel like I should be crying in a church somewhere. Solid emotional response. Joji can (musically) take me to church whenever he wants.
Downsides? The classically trained pianist in me has issues with the clunky piano bits, but I get what he’s going for. I think. I hope.
Where can I get it? So far, only SoundCloud.
Would I hit repeat? The short length of the track makes hitting replay all too easy, which is somewhere between ‘frustrating’ and ‘just hit replay 20 times, it’s cool’.

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