Album: Ignoramus by Stutter Frog

Album: Ignoramus by Stutter Frog


Released on January 20th (simultaneously Ice Cube’s Good Day and Inauguration Day in the United States), Albion PA’s Stutter Frog presented Ignoramus with hard-hitting in-your-face noise rock – think Slint, Naked City, and early Butthole Surfers – from start to finish. The album is effectively split into two halves, almost like an auditory stage show in two acts: the first half fast, punchy and energetic, and the second half (starting with track “Jeremiah“) marks the start of the moodier, more depressed – but no less chaotic – half.

The album works very well as one cohesive whole, but there’s definitely a few stand-outs. Makes You Happy is the ultimate mosh and headbang song, Flies Like Warm Places has a stronger rock vibe than the other tracks with very 90s inspired riffs, and the band themselves pointed out Scent of a Buck – the longest and final track on the album, perfectly summarizing the chaotic nature of the work in both sound and theme: an epically sprawling track detailing the last thoughts and ramblings of a man locked in a basement before committing suicide. Also, I don’t really have any other way of saying Mid-Shit Baptism is just memorable. You don’t forget a title like that.

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A huge thank you to Makain Wiginton (Stutter Frog’s guitarist) for extra insight into the album!

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