Chief Keef on Saturday, February 18th at Basement Transmissions

Chief Keef made his way to Basement Transmissions last Saturday, February 18th, thanks to The Entertainment Collective. Opening acts included No Ceilings Entertainment, William Weyes, the Dream Team, Hoolie Gu and unstoppable local DJ Bass Bandage for an incredibly energetic night. The excitement for the show was insane, people dancing together in the crowd almost as soon as doors opened and the DJ started, and this was consistent both during and between acts all night. All groups were incredibly interactive and knew how to pump up an already-excited crowd, some acts (Hoolie Gu and No Ceilings Entertainment, particularly) throwing out shirts and stickers to fans, and at some point Hoolie Gu was even inviting people to the stage to dance with the group. Multiple acts (including William Weyes and Chief Keef) were having their sets filmed, so these are definitely things to get excited about seeing in the future. If you’re up for an entire night that felt more like a dance party in a club than a concert, Chief Keef and the talent supporting him that night are choices for your new go-to. For the fans that patiently waited for the main act, he definitely delivered on high energy and a good time.

Thanks to Taylor Rambo Photography for the photos!


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