EP: Passiflora by The Standby

Released on Valentine’s Day 2017, The Standby’s Passiflora is a melancholy, grunge-gaze ode to love. From the instrumental intro (aptly titled – wait for it – Intro) to the extremely catchy Ladykiller, the entire EP is an all-around sad banger. Equal parts heavy and just pretty, every track is solid, but the stand out is definitely title track Passiflora: Passiflora has the standard emo-grunge angst lyrically, but the chorus is the kind of thing you will definitely identify with upon first listen, and can more than easily scream along to in your car (“come on, make it easy/say I never mattered to you”). Each track is ambient and emotive, and the EP makes for a fluid and cohesive whole, readily played on repeat.  

Also, they’re selling t-shirts and physical CDs on their Bandcamp, and boast faster shipping than the United States Postal Service.

Find Them On:

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