BT’s Going to Funk You Up: Joose, Jivan, Miss This and Revelation at Basement Transmissions on March 4th 2017

The show at Basement Transmissions on March 4th was a fantastic night of funk music, every band playing a completely danceable set to a very warm and welcoming crowd.

Revelation opened the show, combining impressive rock instrumentation with horns and (an absolutely insane) 7-string bass for a punk-funk sound. You can find more of them on ReverbNation.

Albany, New York’s Miss This have a sound strongly reminiscent of Red Hot Chili Peppers and this influence shows not only in their live sound and stage presence, but their recent EP, Hanky Panky. They also have a new music video on YouTube.

Jivan can’t be easily pigeonholed, and I’ve described them in a previous review as “Rush meets Tesseract and makes a sexy, guitar-driven baby”. But during this show, between the beginning of the set and the end of the set, my mind cycled multiple times between wondering whether to consider them funk, metal, or rock. Whatever Jivan plays, they completely nail down and have a wonderful, fun stage presence. Their first single Astrophe can be found on Bandcamp and iTunes, and there’s also a video for it on YouTube.

As usual, Joose’s crowd was insane, and marked by the unique crowd moments only Joose can produce. This particular show, instead of trying to focus my attention on the stage and music – and then becoming largely distracted by the crowd – I fully embraced the crowd moments: I’ve come to the conclusion that this is how Joose needs to be experienced. The highlight of the show was definitely the final song, Frostbitten, as the center of the crowd turned into a group hug of several people (including myself), passionately singing the song together. This definitely became an emotional experience for me that I won’t soon forget, thanks to Joose. Find them on YouTube, Bandcamp and SoundCloud.

A huge thanks to Kyle Myers/Striation Arts and Jessi Szczesny/JLS Photography for photos!

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