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Bravura’s Battle of the Suns

April 29th saw the release of Bravura’s first album, Battle of the Suns, and a head-banging, body-slamming release show at Basement Transmissions.

The show was supported by an incredible line-up of western Pennsylvania-based metal bands: Gelatin Skeleton opened with relentlessly intense vocals, song titles like Punk Gore Metal, and songs with lyrical content about unfortunate spacemen. Perdition adds the subtle, creepy touch of keyboards to their intense and heavy set, with the addition of some religious undertones, and the incredible fashion choices of kilts and flying cat shirts with blazers. Narwhal Bloodbath has not only a fantastic name, but they bring a diverse set of influences to their brand of heavy metal, and are oddly reminiscent of Rings of Saturn. Blood Gluttony might rival Obelus for best song introductions, with statements such as “this one is about the Annunaki” – shout out to Ancient Aliens – and “this one’s called World May Burn, and it probably will, because everyone sucks” (you right). Post Mortal Possession from Pittsburgh brought songs about sewage monsters pulling people through drains and made (hilarious) comments about fistfucking microphone cables. Co-headliners Obelus played a set made to crack open a cold one to – assuming that, by ‘cold one’, you mean a dead body, and you’re referring to necrophilia (which is the topic of at least one of their songs). Originally billed as a double CD release show, Obelus had to delay their album, but leaving us no less excited for the release.

The concept behind Bravura’s album, as described by singer Steven Attenborough, is about the realization of the concept of atheism, and the understanding that all religion is plagiarism of other religions and pagan sun-worship (nudging subtly at the title itself). From front to back, it’s a dizzying and delirious run of in-your-face metal, with recorded versions of a few of the stand-outs from their live sets (finally!) such as If Walls Could Talk and Burst.

You can catch the album online on Bandcamp (either for streaming or purchase), Spotify, iTunes/Apple Music, Amazon, or Google Play. You can also catch the band at a number of upcoming shows and purchase a physical copy of the album, with gorgeous album art by Zach Kubiak of Prophesied Design.